Electrical Steel Rolling Program

Electrical Steel non-grain oriented grades in

  1. a)semi-process and 

  2. b) fully processed condition

1)  Electrical Steel Strip

This is for standard grades as per EN 10106.

Product range upto M800-65A

Note:  M270-35A has been replaced by ISOVAC 270-35A

Thickness:  .018” -  .098”

Width:  48 - 55

Core Loss Range:  max. 2.7 W/kg @ 50 Hz 1.5 upto

8.00 W.kg @ 50 Hz, 1.5 T, which corresponds to max. 1.51 W/lb @ 60 Hz upto 4.72 W/lb @ 60 Hz, 1.5T

Magnetic polarization:  J25: 1.59T, J50:1.67T, J100:1.77T

Coil Weights 10,000lbs-50,000lbs, No Welds, I.D. 20", Export Packed

  1. 2) ISOVAC Electrical Steel Strip

Full-processed grades ISOVAC 270-35A upto ISOVAC 800-65A and

Semi-processed from ISOVAC HP 420-50K upto ISOVAC HP 570-65K

Note:  The focus of the mill is to develop long term business with service centers, processors, lamination stampers, electric motor transformer manufacturers.

We do not want to consider any spot business.  Before accepting production orders, a homologation of the grade based on Epstein samples and/or a trail order of one master coil is necessary