Hot Rolled Coil Rolling Program

Hot Rolled Coil

Material: Hot Rolled Coils and Bands, Skinpassed and Non- Skinpassed, Mill Edge, Cut Edge

Specifications: ASTM A1011 CS - HSLA Gr55 CL1 ABC A36 HSLA Gr50 CL1, SS Gr33 SS/40 SS

Tolerances: acc.  ASTM A568/ A635


Thickness: .053" - .750"

Width: 36" - 72"

I.D.: 24" - 30"

O.D.: 72" Maximum

Coil Weights: 10,000lbs- 55,000lbs

Example Description:

Hot Rolled Coil, Skinpassed ASTM A1011- CSB, Skinpassed, Mill Edge, Tolerances ASTM A568, Coil Weights 15,000lbs - 25,000lbs, I.D. 30", O.D. 72" Maximum. Suitably Packed, Application Leveling

Example Size: .098 minimum x 48 x coil